Once the Prima Materia is decided upon, it needs to be purified through the application of fire, this process is known as " Calcinatio".
Physically crude material is separated from the subtle, and dense matter is reduced into fine white ash.
By applying the Calcinatio process in a psychological way, we can re-examine what causes anger and frustration. We can bring consciousness to what used to be instinctual, impulsive energy. It is fire that can either destroy or transform.
The work in this stage represents the search for equivalents of the alchemical Calcinatio process made physical in my art.


Alchemists would also record changes in the sound qualities of materials during the transformation process. I also experiment with creating the audio equivalents or audial comments to my sculptures in the form of a live performance. I believe that recorded sound, although having a strong energy, is frozen, static. Live performance on the other hand has an alchemical quality of transforming energy, always different. With Bernard Burns, Polly Hunt, Col Prosser and Eleanor Roberts of the London Bulgarian Choir, we formed the Calcinatio Ensemble which performed during the Calcinatio exhibition.

The four vocal pieces performed are of Georgian, ancient Greek and Slavic origin. You can hear them by clicking on the links below: